Sketchy, Starry, Starry Night

Sketchy-Starry-Starry-NightTuesday November 26 is Charles Schulz Birthday and I’m planning on going to the Peanuts Museum at 10am to see Starry, Starry Night exhibit. Then afterward, I’ll have lunch in the Warm Puppy Cafe located at the Snoopy Ice skating rink. While there, I plan too sketch the table that Charles Schulz himself used to sit at every morning. Then I plan to sketch the ice skaters. Open skate is between 12:30-4:30 that day so there’s plenty of time for sketching. Anyone who wants to join me for a day of everything snoopy and sketching, is welcome. Although we are likely to be sketching indoors, the ice rink is cold so dress warmly. There is a $10 charge to get into the Museum and sketching the skaters is free (unless, of course, you want to skate then admission is $9). Please come and go as you like throughout the day. Hope to see you there!
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