Thompson Barn

I was driving down Westside Road last week, and I know I’ve passed this barn a hundred times. The light was just right and I really loved the way the shadows were falling across the road. I stopped to take a photo, later at home, drew this picture. I used a dip pen and a fountain pen. The dip pen allowed me to get nice fat lines, while the fountain pen was for the finer lines. I think I used a micron brush pen for really fat blacks as well.

Thompson BarnLR

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2 Responses to Thompson Barn

  1. lsbcal says:

    Nice sketch there. I like the tree shadows too.

    I’ve been using a Pentel Brush Pen and Faber-Castel pens (XS is really nice). The brush pen in great for getting broad dark areas done and also for varying thickness line work.

    Les (Lsbcal)

  2. Kate Burroughs says:

    Love the barn. I haven’t seen it. Must not go on the same stretch of Westside. Thanks for sharing your work. Aloha, Kate

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