Howard’s Station Cafe, Occidental


Occidental is a small Northern California mountain town founded in 1876. The cafe I sketched there, Howard’s Station Cafe, is named after William “Dutch Bill” Howard, who supposedly was not really Dutch, nor was his name William Howard. According to the restaurant’s website, “He was in fact, a Danish sailor named Christopher Thornassen Folkmann, born in 1823. Folkmann was serving as an able bodied seaman on the U.S. Ship St. Mary, which dropped anchor in San Francisco Bay in 1849.”

Howard granted the North Pacific Coast Railroad right-of-way across his land to connect the nearby town of Cazadero to Sausalito on the San Francisco Bay. In return, he received a lifetime railway pass and the station was named after him.

The Howard Station Cafe serves delicious organic breakfasts and lunches. On weekends, there is always a wait to get a table so come early (before 9am)—or late (after 1pm).

Our Ready, Set, Sketch! group met at 10 am in front of Howard’s Cafe Saturday and sketched the area.  At 1pm we shared our sketches and then had lunch at the Cafe. A good time was had by all!

This sketch was published in the Press Democrat online edition and in the Dec 21, 2013 edition of the Towns section of the PD.

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2 Responses to Howard’s Station Cafe, Occidental

  1. Kate Burroughs says:

    Bummer. I did not receive any notification of this event happening!!! I could have been there if I had known. Nice sketch.

  2. theartistonetheroad says:

    Kate, this was drawn two months ago so you didn’t miss anything! I hope to set up a sketchcrawl soon.

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