Bodega Schoolhouse

Bodega School House

This is the Schoolhouse in the town of Bodega where Hitchcock filmed “The Birds”. Our sketch group met early on Sunday morning, then fanned out and sketched all over the town. Weather was good for January, we’re experiencing  unseasonably dry and warm weather for Northern CA.

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4 Responses to Bodega Schoolhouse

  1. Kate Burroughs says:

    Lovely work! Sorry I missed the session-too busy on Sunday mornings to make it. Rang the bell 108 times at my local zen center.
    Aloha, Kate

  2. Always nice to see a schoolhouse!

    • pmcdonel101 says:

      I might add that this old schoolhouse was de-commissioned long ago and is now a private residence, I think. At one time it was a Bed & Breakfast. But it has great bones, don’t you think?

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