The Raven Theater and Ravenous Cafe


Few things are more entertaining than seeing a live performance at a local theater followed by a cozy dinner. With television and the internet dominating today’s casual entertainment crowd, it’s a real pleasure to get out among the living and experience true 3D without the glasses.

The Raven Performing Arts Theater supports performances ranging from Classical (Philharmonia Healdsburg ), jazz (Healdsburg Jazz Festival), blues (Charlie Musselwhite), rock (Big Brother and the Holding Company), and variety shows such as Healdsburg’s home grown “Mr. Healdsburg” pageant. The Raven Players, Healdsburg’s resident theater group, also perform here, mounting ambitious and successful productions like Cats, Miss Saigon, and Chicago.

Performances like these are sure to work up an appetite, and next-door’s Ravenous Cafe is the perfect stop before or after a show. Seating up to 22 guests, this intimate spot features a menu that changes daily but often includes the ever popular crab cakes, fish tacos, and the famous Ravenous Burger.

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2 Responses to The Raven Theater and Ravenous Cafe

  1. Bill says:

    Going to see the Raven Playersi in Woody Allen’s Don’t Drink the Water on Feb 15 with dinner before at Brasas Restaurant across the street.

    Really nice painting Richard.


    • theartistonetheroad says:

      Thanks Bill! Wish you could have joined us sketching last weekend. I haven’t seen the play Don’t Drink the Water but I bet it’s good. I ate at Bravas a while back and had a great dinner. Enjoy!

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