Dry Creek Valley Sketch Tour

Owl-house_sLast weekend, the Ready, Set Sketch! group toured the Dry Creek Valley by bike. It’s one of the most beautiful rides in Sonoma County. Resting on a hilltop along Chiquita road, I sketched an owl box standing high above the vineyard covered landscape.

Lambert-bridge_sLambert Bridge crossing Dry Creek, located just outside of Healdsburg in the Dry Creek Valley.


Quivera-view-of-Mnt.-St.-Helena_sQuivira Vineyards, a beautiful winery located on the far end of the Dry Creek Valley has both, arresting views and great wine. This sketch shows a nearby barn, neck deep in vineyards.

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Patterson’s Pub

Windsor pub_s

Sketch of downtown Windsor. I have yet to check out Patterson’s Pub but I’m sure the inside is worthy of a sketch and a pint.

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Eucalyptus tree stump – Oak Hill Farm

Tree stump-EucalyptusLR

My take on the massive tree stump at the entrance to Oak Hill Farm. I decided to approach this drawing with my brush and watercolor. I was hoping to show how huge this tree stump really was. The roots were sticking probably 20ft or more into the air at the base. The bottom half of the root system was buried in the ground, so the roots could have been 40ft across or more!

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Rusty Farm equipment – Oak Hill

Rusty tines

Rusty farm equipment. Found his piece of ancient farm machinery out in front of the barn at Oak Hill Farm. This was harder to draw that I thought. It’s all spindles and springs.

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Oak Hill Farm store entrance

Oak Hill Farm store

This is the store front for the Oak Hill Barn Store. The old barn was once used as the milk barn for the farms dairy cows. Now the barn has been converted into a store to sell the fruits, vegetables and flowers grown on the farm. Many thanks to my friend and fellow sketcher, Richard for letting me tag along for this special trip. Thanks Richard!

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Oak Hill Farms

Oak-Hill-farm-tree-roots_sTraveling highway 12 just outside of Glen Ellen, it’s nearly impossible to miss the towering tree roots designating the entrance to 45-acre Oak Hill Farm. The roots are what’s left of an overturned eucalyptus that met its fate during a winter storm in 1974. Part of 700 wild acres owned by the Sonoma Land Trust, the farm, in operation for over 50 years, produces more than 200 varieties of heirloom vegetables, fruit, flowers, perennial greenery, and herbs.


The Red Barn Store, set in a rustic 100-year old barn, offers for purchase sustainably harvested produce, flowers, and handcrafted wreaths and bouquets. Once a small farm stand, the Red Barn Store has grown to support the local Sonoma community for over 30 years.Oak Hill farm shopper_s

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August 9, 2014 Sketch Outing: Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma


Come join us SATURDAY August 9, 2014 at 10am-1pm at Cornerstone Sonoma for the next sketch outing.

We’ll meet at 10am at the entrance, then disperse to sketch around the area. We’ll meet back at 1pm to share our sketches.

All you need is something to draw on and something to draw with (it’s also nice to have a chair to sit on).

To find out more about this destination, use this link: http://www.cornerstonesonoma.com

Here’s a Google map link: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Cornerstone+Sonoma/@38.3185447,-122.5812402,11z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x8085af4f947c00b3:0xdb4eb85132580675

It is a great place to explore and has plenty of sketching opportunities!

There’s also a nice cafe if you want to have lunch afterwards. Their outdoor tables are great spots for more sketching, too! 

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